#11 – Kampot


Kampot is a quiet little city on the edge of an a mountain and a river.

Our first day in Kampot we didn’t really do much, other than walk to a guesthouse named “Porky’s” owned by a guy from Holland (friend of the lady we met on the ferry) and have the most delicious burger we’d had in all of Asia. Other than that, we kind of just hung out and walked around the city (you can walk it north to south in about 30 min).

A random “Olympic” stadium in Kampot – no they did not host the olympics.
This was inside the “Olympic Stadium”
A giant Durian monument in the middle of the city
Mitch “eating” the Durian

Our second night in Kampot (our first one we just relaxed) we took a $5 USD tour on a ferry boat that left at 5:30pm (just before sunset) and drove us up and down the river at night. A free beer was included in this tour and as well as a trip to see the fireflies in the remote trees very north on the river in the dark. We drove for about a half hour south down the river until our boat stopped, turned off its lights and parked near the riverbank so we could see the fireflies in the trees.

Us sitting on the top level of the Ferry boat
The river and other ferry boats at night

The next day we rented scooters (motorbike things – $5 USD/day each) to go up to Bokor Mountain. It was insanely windy when we went up it!

Us and our motorbikes!

Up at the top of this mountain we had fun climbing over rocks of waterfalls called the Pokopvil Waterfalls, and then seeing the abandoned french colonial Catholic church and old time 1920’s grand palace. The french occupied this area before the Vietnam war and left it abandoned when the entire region decided to rebel against their influence in the country about ten years before the Vietnam War.

The old kings residence from 1930’s
The waterfall
The old catholic church atop Bokor Mountain – 1920’s
The viewpoint at the top of the path behind the Church
The old palace (1920’s) that was having some construction done on it. Don’t know what for though.

Side note: My key fell out while I was driving up the mountain but luckily enough Mitch’s motorbike key worked for mine as well so we kept on going. After spending 30 min trying and failing to find the key of course.

Our trip down the mountain – yes thats Mitch in the distance.

Kampot was a nice quiet city that we enjoyed just relaxing in. We would have loved to take in the pepper farm nearby and the city of Kep nearby but Mitch was still recovering from being sick so we played it safe.

Our last night here we got ourselves a fancy meal ($7.50 USD). It was only okay though. The meat wasn’t really flavoured and the veggies were too spicy for me. Also we had to crack open the crabs with our hands as they didn’t give us any special utensils for it.

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Next stop –> Phnom Penh (Cambodia’s Capital City – Also known to be the closest city to the largest Killing Fields).

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