#16 – Doi Inthanon (& our failed camping trip!)

While looking online for things to do in Northern Thailand we came across Doi Inthanon. Its a mountain about 2 hours away from Chiang Mai, that’s actually part of the Himalayas. The summit is the highest point in all of Thailand.

We decided that we’d rent motorbikes and head up the mountain to camp for a few nights. We had read that you can rent tents, sleeping bags, pillows, etc. We left Chiang Mai in high spirits and after about 3 hours of driving we reached the visitor centre on the mountain (about 20 km before the summit). We paid for a tent, two sleeping bags, two pillows, and two mats. The tents were already set up in the tenting area so we were given a key to unlock the one that we had rented.

It was a beautiful day and the campground was located in a little hill town. We could even see a waterfall from our campsite. There were restaurants in town with good, great priced food. We made a plan to do a nature hike the next day that was guaranteed to give amazing sights, as well as hike to the summit. We grabbed food, snacks and then headed back to the campground for an early night.

The next morning we awoke to the sound of rain. And it ended up being misty and rainy all day. We didn’t end up doing anything other than going into town for coffee and food and then hung out in the tent. The nature trail would have been dangerous with everything being so slippery and we didn’t want to leave because going downhill on a little scooter in the rain didn’t sound safe to us either.

The next day by around 10 am it had stopped raining but was still misty and cloudy.

We decided to head down the mountain while we knew that the weather was good. We still managed to take in a waterfall on our way down the mountain but overall the trip was quite different that we imagined it.

We’re hoping to maybe do a day trip and go up there again if we have time at the end of our month in Thailand. Although, all said and done it was still pretty cool to go camping in Thailand.

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