#18 – Phu Chi Fa – Sunrise through the Clouds

After Pai, our next destination was a place called Phu Chi Fah. We actually drove our motorbikes for a couple of days to get here staying in different towns along the way but I’ll go over that in detail in the next blog when I talk about our entire north Thailand motorbike trip.

Phu Chi Fah is a place on the border between Thailand and Laos. Its high in the mountains (although not as high as the Rockies), and not many foreign tourists go here. Although it is a big destination for Thai people.

The attraction is the sunrise. You can hike to a point in on the mountain top where you can look over the border and see the mountains peaking through the clouds, and watch the sun rise through the clouds. Once we read about this, we knew we had to go here.

Our Journey

There is very little english in Phu Chi Fah and almost no places to stay that are listed online. So, Mitch and I drove up to the mountain town hoping to find accommodation when we got there.

We happened upon a little guest house area with a man out front and asked him how much for the night. We ended up getting a place with a great view and dinner and breakfast included for $32 CAD/night (800 Baht).

The rest of the evening we just relaxed, played cards and took in the view. Although after the sun went behind the clouds it became much colder!

For supper we got a multi course traditional Thai meal that was delicious. There was rice, fish, cabbage, egg and soup!

Then we went to bed early because we knew we had to get up early the next morning.

The Sunrise

We woke up at 4:30am the next morning to get dressed. We doubled up on all of our clothing (which meant wearing all of the warm clothing we brought) because we knew it would be cold up at the top. Then we hopped on our motorbikes and drove 10 min up super steep hills in the creepy dark (our bikes had lights) up to the parking area.

At the parking area, we parked our bikes (obviously) and bought a little flashlight, redbull and coffee from the ladies setting up their stalls there. Then we started our climb up to the top on steps that had been made from tree roots. Eventually the trail became just a trail, no steps, and it took us about 20-30 min walk up to the top.

When we arrived at the top, there were a couple other early risers (all thai people) like us who had come up super early to see the stars. We didn’t have the proper cameras to take pictures of the night sky so I took the following picture off the internet to show you what it looked like up there. This is a picture taken at Phu Chi Fah, just not by us, although it looked exactly like this up there.

Then, we huddled from the cold winds with other Thai tourists and waited for the sun to come up. We were even offered crackers by a nice Thai lady sitting beside us.

Eventually the sun started to appear and we could start to take some photos.

The surroundings were also finally all lit up so we could look around and see the mountains.

Then it finally broke through the clouds!

Then we just kinda wandered around, taking pictures from different angles and different vantage points we could find as people started to leave.

The whole experience was better and more beautiful than pictures can even describe and its one of our favourite things that we’ve done. It was especially amazing because it was something we came across on our own, and something that most tourists don’t do.

Finally we left and came down the mountain to a nice traditional Thai breakfast of rice soup. Mitch didn’t eat it, but I thought it was delicious.

After breakfast we decided to head out again and go back to Chiang Rai (our last overnight stop before Phu Chi Fah)

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